Our Mission:  

Our mission at Happy Now Yoga is to teach about the positive benefits of practicing yoga as a lifetime tool for wellness.

Our Philosophy: “Yoga: A Lifetime Tool for Wellness”
Our yoga classes emphasize achieving a “lifetime tool for wellness” by focusing on a positive theme/thought (chosen by the teacher) for each class which is tailored to complement your yoga practice both on and off the mat. We perceive yoga as a lifestyle and strive to touch on all aspects of what it has to offer by bringing balance to the mental, physical, spiritual and even social parts of our lives. Along with our peaceful meditation, we encourage laughter which is welcome in all of our classes.

Why we are ‘Happy Now Yoga’ 
Jill explains: “It started when my children were young and just learning to talk. After a nice meal, a walk or being with their Nana, our kids would look up at us with a smile-filled face and announce, “Happy now!”  The term stuck and we still use it today.” We feel that its simple message describes how a well-balanced life can feel, especially when yoga is a part of it.  At Happy Now Yoga, we strive to help students experience this feeling by the end of each class, so that when we ask them, “Happy now?” they truly are!  Read our testimonials to find out more.

Read about Jill Reeves, Instructor/Owner of Happy Now Yoga.