Hilarious Human Holding On: Need Aparigraha Now

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Greetings, Hilarious Holders,

We hold onto things, don’t we? 

Mentally: Crazy overthinking. 

Physically: Gripping in our yoga poses or while we exercise. 

Spiritually: Being intolerant. 

Socially: Holding onto toxic relationships. 

Come practice Aparigraha (Ap PAR ee gra-ha)  this week in our yoga classes. In a contemporary, loosely interpretative nutshell, here is what Aparigraha means: 

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As we practice this in our yoga poses, we can learn and condition ourselves to LET GO on all levels.

I would like to thank Joana Bragg and Hailey Gawinske for subbing for me for February and March. They did an awesome job and I know that many of you will miss their presence! I am so happy that you all got to experience their insightful teachings and asanas! 

Let me know which classes you would like to attend: 

Tuesday    9:30-10:45 am Home studio 

Wednesday 7:00-8:00 pm Barnesville Town Hall 

Thursday   9:30-10:45 am  Home studio

Saturday    9:00-10:00 am  Home studio


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