Kids’ Yoga

What is our children’s yoga program like?

Kids Yoga ClassesFor our children’s classes we offer a fun, “whole child” approach to yoga through authentic, kid-friendly yoga poses, healthy, simple breathing techniques, purposeful learning games, and musically inspired creative movement exercises. Children will learn how to use yoga as a stress releasing tool during their everyday activities. We come to you to teach in the comfort of your community environment so that students can experience a sense of familiarity, while they learn to relax and rejuvenate their energies in a happy, group setting.

The main focus of Happy Now Yoga is on fun. 

Kids Yoga, Happy Now Yoga

Younger children (ages 3 and 4) are encouraged to participate fully in and enjoy the “game” of yoga. The children benefit from the practice while having a great time.  As the ages increase, (ages 5-8) the classes are adapted by adding more complex activities such as “Sharing/Partner Yoga.” Older children (ages 9-11, and “Tweens” and “Teens”) will enjoy a non-competitive, simple, gentle flow yoga style class involving breathing, stretching, and relaxation. Classes will incorporate fun and contemporary movement with upbeat music.  We offer yoga to After School Enrichment programs, sports teams, running clubs, Girl Scout and Boy Scout groups, etc.

Kids having fun with yoga