Practicing Chiaroscuro

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Greetings, Gifted Gobblers,

This week in our yoga we will be practicing Santosha which is being present with a thankful heart and a calm state of mind. It is being OK with what you have, and thinking that it is enough, there is enough, you are enough. 
We are often told to have an “attitude of gratitude” but what if something bad is going on in our lives and this seems impossible?

I would like to present the idea of practicing what is called in the art world as “chiaroscuro.” This style of art uses darkness to show light in the painting. Take a look at one of Joseph Derby’s paintings as an example: 

​In a sense, without the dark contrasts, we would not see the light. Just because it is Thanksgiving and we’re supposed to be happy, well-fed, and totally “together” doesn’t mean that we will be or that we’ll be feeling completely thankful for everything. Think of all of the spoof movies that make fun of the stress of coming home or visiting people for the holidays! ​But does it have to be that way? So crazy and exaggerated? Or on the other hand, does everything have to be perfect like a Hallmark TV special? 

Sometimes the darker moments enable the lighter times to shine more brightly. Being vulnerable on your yoga mat allows you to let go of perfectionism and to accept the dark with the light… The burned rolls but the perfectly cooked turkey. The annoying drunk relative or visitor who won’t stop talking at your carefully prepared Thanksgiving dinner but the house full of people you love. The news that someone close to you has cancer but they are with you in person or in spirit and there is still time to tell them that you love them. Someone who is gone but memories are shared around the table in their honor. 

Come have some time of Santosha on your mat where you can be in a safe place of being grateful for the light and the dark. 

There are classes only on Tuesday and Saturday this week due to the holiday. 

Happy Now Yoga Schedule

Tuesday 9:30-10:45 am Home Studio
Saturday 9:00-10:00 am Home Studio

Namaste and chiaroscuro,


Jill C. Reeves

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