“Thank you for the rhythm of your class. I really enjoyed it. You are calming and I especially like the way you end the sessions.  I thought about it on the drive home as well and will try to continue this throughout the day.  The level you taught today was perfect for me.  It was challenging enough and you offered good alternatives.” C.K.

“I had a wonderful class and did really enjoy the music that you used.  It was a great compliment to your instructional flow!  It is a real treat to have the one-on-one attention.” B.A.

“I enjoyed the yoga class immensely and will look forward to attending as often as possible. I think you are a great teacher and one who does a fine job of explaining advantages of each pose and accepting/ accommodating ability/ inability levels of all your students. I felt far better after class than beforehand.” T.M.

“You give such great individual attention to people. It’s obvious you care about them and that’s so important, because everybody can find a decent teacher that offers a good class but you add that extra touch which is clearly what brings people back.” T.T.

“Jill planned creative age-appropriate activities for each session with a different theme each time.  She is an enthusiastic instructor who found a variety of ways to engage each child in the class, including those children who were reluctant to participate. We greatly enjoyed the Yoga classes and our preschoolers made many happy memories with Jill!” D.L.

“I just got off the phone with a friend and was telling her how much I look forward to Mondays with you!  I am really enjoying how yoga works all aspects of my muscles and flexibility. Thanks again! You are so good at what you are doing and really know how to make each individual feel great about themselves.  It is truly a spiritual calling for you.”

“Thank you so much for your gift of stretching and relaxation.  You are making my initial foray into the yoga realm very rewarding.  My husband enjoyed your class, too. I appreciate you making him feel so welcome, and not at all out of place among all of those women!”

“I especially like the imagery you share during relaxation. I truly feel my body sinking into that visual image, and always feel super relaxed at that point!”

“I really appreciate your class. I definitely feel muscles I usually don’t realize I have, but it is that great kind of soreness, like you know you’re really working the old bod well! Your yoga is excellent and you really have a good flow going!”

“You are able to adjust your teaching techniques to fit the student.” P.R.

“I enjoyed the yoga class immensely and will look forward to attending as often as possible. I think you are a great teacher and one who does a fine job of explaining advantages of each pose and accepting/accommodating ability/inability levels of all your students. Thanks for being a great teacher. I felt far better after class than beforehand.” T.M.

“I enjoyed your class today; it’s like getting away from it all, a little escape from the everyday hustle and bustle.  It is very therapeutic for me.  I always feel more relaxed after your class! I am glad I am in your class because I find myself not taking the time to stretch and practice yoga poses at home. So I can tell my body needs it every Saturday. I feel really good afterwards.” M.O.

“Oh, Jill, thanks so much for the class; I feel so lucky to have a great instructor in a great location!  I totally enjoyed the private yoga lesson.” M.C.

“I really enjoy your class so I am thrilled you decided to be a yoga teacher.” T.B.

“I really enjoy your yoga classes and I need that time for myself.” C.B.

“You inspire me as you are a living example of what can be accomplished with hard work, faith and a slow and steady approach.” C.K.

“I enjoy yoga because it allows me to get out the “yuck” that can build up inside me from daily stress. I also very much enjoy coming to your class, Jill! You have such a positive spirit–you help me remember to keep a positive outlook on life.” M.J.

“You taught a class that gave me the physical and mental boost needed in a very trying time for me.  I forgot how much I love it and I am happy to be a student of yours!” D.G.

“My husband and I had a great time at your couple’s yoga class!  I’ve already asked him if he would attend another session sometime, and he said he definitely would, thanks to your wonderful instruction!  You obviously put so much thought into planning your events – – well played!  Thank you for your time and effort!” B.A.

“Thank you very, very much for making her first ever drop-off class so special and for being the most perfect “first teacher” for her! You are GREAT with children!  Thank you.  I am so happy it was a positive experience for her. She has gained more confidence in herself being away from me. I am getting better at it too.” J.S.

“Great class, Jill–I felt really good afterwards! And I appreciated that really interesting info you read us about the endocrine system!” E.G.

“I have enjoyed your class very much and would recommend it. I’ve wanted to take some yoga classes for quite a while, but the cost and timing have been obstacles. Your class was a great fit for both and I hope to continue when and however I can. The challenge level was just what I needed and I definitely feel the desire to improve. What else could you want from a class?”  H.V.

“I am really enjoying the yoga classes. You are a wonderful teacher and the setting is perfect. The class is paced just right not too slow and not too fast.” B.S.

“I look forward to getting another pass and continuing on. I’m very happy with the whole yoga experience. It’s been a great addition to my life.” B.D.

“I so enjoyed your class today — I woke up yesterday feeling awful with back pain, wondering how I would get through the day, but by the time I left class I felt great!” T.A.

“I tried Yoga five years ago to help me deal with a difficult family situation and it did not appeal to me then. Not so much the yoga, more my state of mind, was the reason. A couple of years ago, I joined a health club, but it was always busy when I could come in. Last year I had a couple of minor muscle related injuries that made me want to do something to prevent getting stiff and sore in old age. Research quickly let me to Yoga. A friend recommended you and from what she said it sounded like the kind of yoga that I was looking for. I like the pace and feel that this yoga has which is a mental and physical work out.  I am very satisfied with the classes and the way you teach them.” B.S.

“I loved our practice on Saturday.  I particularly liked thinking about precision and not perfection along with foundation. Thank you for the info you sent about my questions about my hip. You were spot on and I will work on the suggestions! You are so thoughtful and dear, and I am so happy that our paths have crossed. You enrich my life. Thank you.” S.A.

“I love your Yoga classes. You asked in a word how yoga makes me feel and many times you ask at the end of class. I feel simple pure gratitude. It doesn’t make much sense as it seems like hell sometimes in life but it’s just gratitude without reason for having this life and this human body. Despite all the difficulties, it is a simple feeling and really doesn’t need much explaining.” J.B.

“I definitely need to stay grounded and balanced, there is so much going on right now. Thank you for your inspiration, I really appreciate the yoga and your kind, open and real approach to life. Your class is definitely helping me to cope.” J.B.

“You are so awesome-kind and so thoughtful. My husband and I had a project Saturday morning after your yoga session. Remembering your class theme of “Patience,” the project was completed after a long time.” S.A.

“Thanks for offering this class! It’s done wonders to my body and soul and it’s great to be doing yoga again.” S.B.

“I really love taking your classes. I do feel stronger and more confident in my poses but most importantly you/your classes have changed the quality of my life. Which is kind of a big deal. So, thank you!” H.G.

“The stretching was so good today!  As I was driving home I had to reach around to make sure the bolster I used in class wasn’t embedded in my back, because my chest felt so open! Thanks so much!” A.T.

“Just wanted to say thank you for a great Couples’ Yoga class and the delicious treats afterwards. It was lovely and yes, my husband was able to get out of bed this morning in one piece! He actually said he might come once in a while so I am thrilled about that!” S.A.

“You’re the BEST!  So glad you and your yoga are in my life.” B.S.

“I like the way you run your classes.  Always inspires me with something to think about.” M.M.

“You are the sweetest person. Thank you for the encouragement. The balancing half moons with the twist were a bit difficult, but I love trying and I appreciate your attention when I falter. It is a treasure to be in your class.” S.A.

“It’s so clear that you spend a great deal of time thinking about themes and postures that fit together and the Vinyasa that makes it all go together. I really appreciate the time and care you take with this. I feel very grateful that I found you and your classes, Jill. They’ve become a very important part of my self-care.” K.K.

“Great class again! I love the way we learn new things but repeat poses we all are comfortable with!” DC

“You classes are so personal and you make everyone, no matter size, shape or ability feel good. I also learn during each class with you.” C.M.

“One of the special things about you is the individual attention you give your students.  Now here you are doing it again with your follow up e mails to me!” C.J.

“On a more optimistic note, after my recent surgery I have rolled out my mat and started doing simple exercises that do not involve standing.  It is interesting to note that the stiffness in my ankles that was gone while taking your classes has returned.  As soon as I feel comfortable, I will be back!”  B.S.

“Thank you so much for recognizing my practice in such a profound way. I love coming and I love your teaching and coaching. I wish I could come more often. I really feel improvement.” S.A.

“I really enjoyed class last week. I slept like a log, totally relaxed and at peace and thanks to you, in balance. Thanks for being a great teacher and making yoga worthwhile and fun.” E.S.