Yin Yoga Celebration

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​Greetings, Young Hearted Yinsters! 

Tis the week for celebration! 

I am offering a Yin Yoga class to bring some calm into your life of possible holiday madness. Yin Yoga involves doing fewer poses that are held for a longer period of time. (Patience, my friend!) Our Yin class will include some mini back rubs from your yoga teacher, nice, gentle music, followed by libations and food!

After the Wednesday night class at the Barnesville Town Hall from 7-8 pm, it’s BYOB and bring a potluck appetizer or nibble or dessert to share from 8-9 pm (or however long you can stay.) It works best to bring food that does not require utensils so finger food is good although I will have some forks on hand along with plates, cups, and napkins. Usually we have about 7-12 people. 

I also will be offering some cookies, coffee and tea after class this week at my home studio. You are welcome to take yours to go, if needed! 

Here is the yoga schedule for the week: Let me know when you would like to attend and what you might be bringing if you come to the Wed night class:


Tuesday    9:30-10:45 am Home studio 

Tuesday   12:00-1:00 pm Lunchtime yoga PDR Frederick 

Wednesday 7:00-8:00 pm Barnesville Town Hall (Stay after for BYOB beverages and nibbles!) 

Thursday   9:30-10:45 am  Home studioSaturday    9:00-10:00 am  Home studio



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